Below the surface, oil on canvas 50x35 cm
2017 Grapes in the sun, aquarelle 14.8x21 cm
2017 Summer by the river, aquarelle 31x21 cm
2017 Fall - miniature, aquarelle 16.2x10 cm
2017 Foggy forest, aquarelle 41x27 cm
2017 River Vrelo, aquarelle 21x31 cm
2016 Early spring, aquarelle 30.4x18.8 cm
2016 Road to Tamis, oil on canvas 40x60 cm
2015 Yellow rose, aquarelle 25x17,5 cm
2015 Rainbow trout, aquarelle 28x38 cm
2012 Cherries, egg tempera 35x50 cm
2012 Cavtat, aquarelle 19x28 cm
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